Parents are advised to submit their child’s last school report and any other documents which may support an understanding of a child’s progress and achievement.

Once a child has been offered a place, parents will be advised to bring the child to the school for assessments on the open day for new pupils. These assessments are not for selection purposes, they will inform the teachers of a pupil’s strength and weakness in the core subjects and will determine their levels to help plan teaching accordingly.

Currently we do not have any Special Educational Needs (SEN) students on roll but we will continue to review the need for provision as school expands.

The Al-Ihsaan Community College has a clear admission policy which has:

• Purpose: to ensure that every child has fair access to the school.

• Responsibility: The committee shall be responsible for allocating place predetermined on predetermined basis.

• Procedure: Make available publicity material including local radio broadcasting in the appropriate community language as required to reach out to students from deprived backgrounds.

• Dfe have imposed a restriction on the school on taking in new pupil, as the school has not met the standards frequently. The secretary of state might revoke the restriction if the school meets the standard. Please click here

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