Al-Ihsaan Community College Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the school strategic planning, direction, monitoring and evaluating its development and overseeing the school’s resources and premises.

School Governors

o Mr. Abdulbasid Barawe
o Mr. Mohamed Weheliye
o Mr. Farah Dini
o Mrs. Fartuun Ashkir

Contact details for Chair of Governors:

Mr. Abdulbasid Brawe

Email: [email protected]

Abdulbasid Brawe

Chair of Governors – Financial Officer

To lead the governing body and to ensure that it meets all its statutory responsibilities

Email: [email protected]

Farah Dini

Governor – Premises Officer

Email: [email protected]

Mohamed Weheliye

Governor – H/S Officer

Email: [email protected]

Fartuun Abdi

Governor – Public Relation

Email: [email protected]